August 10, 2008

Tree Brain Tiki Mug Sonogram

As Tree Brain season approaches, so does our extremely cool Tree Brain Tiki Mug from Henrik over at Van Tiki.

Here's his latest sketch of where we are. I think he's very close to going to clay.

I keep calling it a mug, but it's actually going to be an insane Tiki Tree Brain Pitcher with REMOVABLE BRAIN CUP. The tropical beverage will pour out of the branch.

I believe the plan for now is that Henrik will actually create 2 of these. One for me and one for him to sell in his eBay store. (I believe if this were placed over your fireplace, it would easily raise the resale value of your home.)

Henrik will also be providing photos of the process as it comes to life. I can't wait. In the meantime, definitely check out the rest of his amazing Tiki mug creations at

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