January 6, 2008

Theme Song!

What better place than the first post of 2008 to unveil the shiny, new Sneeze Theme Song written by one of my all-time favorite bands, Cloud Cult.

When Craig and I first talked about it, he asked what I had in mind. I wasn't exactly sure, but I told him: Around a minute long, minimal lyrics, fun, cool drum beats and a little weird.

Craig TOTALLY came through -- whistling, hand-claps, cheerleaders and all. (And special thanks to Craig's wife Connie for cheering her heart out.)

Presenting: "This is The Sneeze!"

(or download a high-quality MP3)

Unlike our past differences regarding Power Ranger theme songs, my wife and I are firmly united in the profound love we share of this one.

Be sure to check out Cloud Cult at their official site, Cloudcult.com. I've mentioned them many times before, and have received so many nice thank you emails from happy new fans. (I believe this one video helped win a lot of them over.)

And while I'm at it, here's a classic little review of their last album from my son.

(Thanks, Craig! And thanks for the cover art, S. Britt! If you have questions about the cover, you can find S. Britt at Many Haw-Haw's.)

Click here for The Sneeze Home Page!
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