February 10, 2008

Remember That Time...

Our theoretical band, The Tree Brains, has a nice little group dedicated to it over on Facebook.

I finally just read the highly enjoyable discussion thread called "Remember That Time..." where some of the members have been doing some theoretical reminiscing about the band.

Here's a handful of them.

"Remember that time we theoretically played that impromptu gig in the check-out line at the 7-eleven? The harmonies on the third triangle breakdown were amazing!"

"oh oh oh!!! and remember that time we theoretically had a show at the Air Canada Centre? And U2 wanted to open for us, but we were theoretically too good for them, so we turned them down? that was cool."

"Making Bono cry was theoretically the hilight of my week!"

"Oh man, what a throw-back! Anyone remember the time theoretically rocked out at the Eiffel Tower? Oh man, those Frenchies dropped what they could have been doing and totally potentially started cheering for us? I swear to potential God, some guy's head could have exploded! I was so theoretically psyched that I smashed my potential flugelhorn after my theoretical solo!"

"That was potentially sweet! My favourite theoretical gig so far was that time, at that place. Those people were possibly rocking out and I just theoretically wailed on the world's smallest violin. It might have been the best thing ever."

"Didn't your hypothetically miniscule violin burst into a torrential rain of blood and flames during that theoretical concert?"

"And remember when we theoretically played that command performance for Nicolas Sarkozy, the Co-prince of Andorra, and he and his court were so pissed off that we refused to translate our lyrics into French for him that he had us chased off the grounds by a pack of beagles, and he confiscated some of our passports so that four of our seventeen triangle players are now Andorran citizens?"

"Remember the time when we theoretically got krunk with Lil John and The East Side Boys?? Man...and then, when Steve took a swig of Krunk Juice from Lil Johns Grail?? DUDE!!!"

"Remember when Warner Brothers (theoretically) wanted to do that Saturday morning cartoon based on us, and they were all like, "But it will be BABY versions of all of you" and we told them to go fuck themselves all the way to the moon, and the head of Marketing at Warner Brothers threw up from anxiety and we all laughed and said they could do it but only if the babies had superpowers?

Um, I think this may have been a theoretical mistake."

The band is theoretical - the level at which you guys rock is not.

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