September 9, 2007

So Close to Busted

The other night my wife and I were going at it. Things got a little louder than they should have and I thought I heard little footsteps headed our way. There was a brief moment of panic, but it was a false alarm. Thankfully our kids did not walk in to see Mommy and Daddy kicking ass on Guitar Hero -- a game the boys have no idea exists in our house.

Many nights we put them to bed and literally sneak downstairs to play. I'd say it's kind of sad, but I rock so GODDAMN HARD, it's not.

There are a number of reasons why I don't want them to know we have it. 1) It's not the easiest game and I think they'll be frustrated. 2) If they are able to play, it provides such instant gratification I think it will make them less patient to learn to play a real instrument. 3) If and when they break it, I'll be faced with the urge to beat them with the little plastic guitar.

If at some point they catch us, I do have a plan: ditch the guitar, rip off my clothes and climb on top of my wife. 'Cause that's what you get for not staying in bed.

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