May 23, 2007

Set Phasers to "Thong"

I recently received this intriguing email...


I don't know if you're a Trekkie, but you seem like just the kind of guy who likes to sit down with a bowl of popcorn and watch old Star Trek episodes. Maybe I'm wrong. In any case, I was watching The Next Generation with my girlfriend tonight, and I came across something interesting. So interesting in fact, that I thought "If only I had a website where I could share crazy things that I see, I could post this." Then I thought about you.

So here's the story. During episode 106 (breaks off into a serious geek-trip), Picard makes an inspirational speech to try and bring the Enterprise back from a place where thought is reality, outside anywhere. The camera goes to several different extras, crewmembers listening to this speech.

When suddenly the camera falls on this man.

Witness him. See how stupid he looks, he stands there with an air of drunk stupidity, wearing his dress. My girlfriend and I have a short discussion about it that goes something like this

"Is that guy wearing a dress?"
"I think he left with his wife's uniform that morning."
"Maybe he's thinking about wearing a dress - they are in a world where thought is reality"
"Yeah.. He's thinking really hard about wearing a dress.."

So, we have a few laughs, and then, a few days later (today), We're watching episode 115, and who do we see during the ships evacuation call by Data?

No other then, MAN IN A DRESS (Queue loud DAH DAH DAH sound)

It's clearly him, although he's in the background, and a little blurry, and he clearly (even at this long distance), has a look of stupidity on his face.

We're going to keep an eye out for him. I think he's plotting to take over the Enterprise. Or at least infest it with a plague of gender confusion. I'll keep you updated, whether you like it or not.


Thanks, Matt. I'm not a big Next Generation fan, but I'm now a huge fan of THIS guy and his smooth space legs. (I also enjoy that official Star Fleet Brooch he's got on.)

I was going to say that since you saw him in a subsequent episode, that would disprove the theory that he was only "thinking about wearing a dress." But you could argue that after his imagined cross-dressing "test run" in #106, he went ahead and made his dreams a reality in #115.

Either that, or you just found the ugliest chick on the Enterprise.

If anyone happens to have any further info about him, please shoot me an email. Thanks to all your emails I know more than I ever cared to know about this dude's dress. I'll put up a bunch of the emails tomorrow.

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