February 1, 2007

Scouring the Globe for Big Heads, Boogers and More

It's been quite a long time since we've set foot in the old International Playground. I just happened to have received 3 fun rhymes from Japan, Taiwan and Spain recently, so I thought I'd put them up.

If you're new to this section, it's an on-going collection of obnoxious schoolyard rhymes from around the world -- proving that no matter where you go, kids can be funny little jackasses.

(What's that? Was the Global Schoolyard Rhyme Project featured in Harper's Magazine? Yes. Yes it was. Thanks for asking!)


Dato Dato Xiayu Bu Cho
Ren Jia Yo San Ni Yo Da To

English translation:

Big head big head, not sad when raining
Others have umbrellas you have big head

Sent by: Alan


Mi chan Mi chan,
unko tarete.
Kami ga nai kara
te de fuite.
Mottainai kara

English translation:

Mi chan Mi chan
dropped a Poo.
They had no paper
so they used their hand.
Shouldn't waste it,
So they ate it.

Sent by: Lisa


Yo tengo un moco.
Lo saco poco a poco.
Lo redondo, y redondo,
y lo tiro a mi amigo.

English translation:

I have a booger.
I pull it out little by little.
I roll it up and roll it up,
and throw it at my friend.

Sent by: Pax

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