March 3, 2007

Save the Date!

Friday night, May 4th! Cloud Cult will be bringing their musical magic and lovableness to the Knitting Factory in Los Angeles and I'm personally inviting you.

All people with access to Southern California should come. (Yes, of course that includes you, Will.)

Please consult the only partially silly FAQ below for further information.

* * * * * *


Where will this be taking place?

Friday night, May 4th at the Knitting Factory in Hollywood. You can buy tickets online right here.

Who the hell is this band you keep talking about?

They're a difficult-to-categorize indie rock group from Minnesota that my friend Willo turned me onto, that my wife and I (and now a bunch of my friends) all kind of love a lot.

How come I've never heard of The Cloud Cults?

Because they're criminally underexposed and it's starting to get on my nerves. And it's just "Cloud Cult." Not "The Cloud Cults." Who are you, my father?

How do I get tickets?

Click right here to purchase tickets. If for some reason that link doesn't take you directly to the correct page, just navigate your way through the calendar to Friday, May 4th.

I really like reading The Sneeze and want to come to this thing, but I'm pretty creepy and I might weird you out. Is that cool?

I could think of cooler things. No offense.

What if I've never heard Cloud Cult's music before?

Go check them out and buy the album here or come on out and just be surprised. It'll be like an adventure. Your FAQ-reading life could use a little more adventure.

What if I hate them?

Well, I don't think that's scientifically possible, but even if you do, who cares?!! Come down anyway and hang. It's the 4th of May. So we can talk about what we're going to do to celebrate Cinco de Mayo.

What exactly is Cinco de Mayo?

Honestly, I couldn't tell you. But we can get to the bottom of it that night.

Will your friend Anthony be there?

Yes, he WILL be there! He'll be psyched that you asked about him.

Will Jessica be there?

I'm not sure yet, but I will pressure her heavily to come. Yes, Jessica says she'll be there!

If Jessica does end up going, is she still single and can I hit on her?

She is still single, and it's probably okay if you hit on her. Just bear in mind that she's really smart and not shy and it's possible she might tear you apart with her words. (Just a heads up.)

She would also like you to know (having read this) that even though she is "still single" she has managed to go out with some boys since that original post.

And that she didn't go out with any ladies and doesn't want to. But one girl did beg to kiss her on her last birthday. And she let her. But she didn't really reciprocate and there was no tongue.

And finally, she made me update the old picture that was in the original apology post and she DOES still have that email address, so feel free to email her there.

Is your wife going?

Yes. But don't hit on her. (And no, she's not the one who kissed Jessica.)

Is star of PICKLES: The Movie, Dan Schneider going?

I doubt it. But I'll ask him.

When are you going to post Craig's answers to your son's questions from the album review?

Soon. I gotta spread this stuff out.

Where else is Cloud Cult playing?

All their tour dates are on their site and on their MySpace page.

Steve, will you pay my way into the club to see them?

I wasn't planning on it, but don't worry -- it's not going to be any place expensive. And think about all the money you save every time you read The Sneeze for free.

When are you going to do another Steve, Don't Eat It?

There's a chance I'll be posting one in the next few weeks. But we're really talking about the May 4th festivities right now. C'mon, focus.

More information as it becomes available. See you on May 4th! Email me if you have any other questions.

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