March 30, 2007

Pressing Foreword

The thing about getting asked to be a Best Man, is that it's not the best at all. They just call it that to mess with your head.

If they called it the "Rent- A- Tux- And- Be- In- Charge- Of- Organizing- A- Bachelor- Party- That- Had- Better- Kick- Ass- And- Then- Write- And- Give- A- Speech- In- Front- Of- Everyone- You've- Ever- Met- Plus- A- Bunch- Of- Strangers Man," guys would be a little less likely to say, "I'd be honored."

But that's what you say, because being asked is absolutely an honor. It's only when you start doing it, that you realize you've been tricked. (Like my wife, when I finally got her into bed.)

I'm relieved to say I haven't been a best man in years. But my buddy, the incredibly talented painter Eric Joyner, is coming out with a fancy book of all his art - and he asked me to write the foreword. And, of course, I truly was honored.

Then the deadline began to loom and the honor became a mix of honor and pressure. Then just pressure. Then pressure and mild sexual attraction to bees, then I finally finished the foreword and I was back to plain old honored again.

I think it turned out okay. It's hard for me to say. I've never written a foreword before and as much as I love Eric's work, I know very little about the art world. I do know that I read a few forewords from some other art books and I got so bored I wanted to pluck my eyes out with a shrimp fork.

I was feeling pretty good about the whole thing until I showed my wife. She liked it, but her first response was: "Your friend asked you to write something for his book and you couldn't get past the 3rd paragraph without talking about bacon and breasts?"

I thought she had a point. But then I left it in.

The book comes out in July and I couldn't be happier for Eric. Here's the cover. And thank you again for asking me, Eric. Despite my smart-assery, it really WAS an honor.

Check out Eric's work at his official website.

Read more about the book here. I'll let you know when it's out.

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