September 5, 2007

Facebook + Art = Bacon Wallet

If you've been on Facebook, you may have encountered the Graffiti Wall app. It's a little tool that allows you to draw on your friends' pages.

I've messed around with it and it's pretty crude, so I'm amazed when I see insane creations like this one by Dale appear on my wall...

I've decided to have a Facebook Graffiti Wall Contest. Prizes are the much desired Bacon Wallets, courtesy of my buds at Archie McPhee.

There will be 3 winners. 1 for the most artistic creation, 1 for whatever I find the most entertaining and 1 completely at random (to level out the playing field). Beyond that the rules are pretty loose. Draw as much as you want. (Drawings created before today are not in the running.)

You can find my Facebook profile right here. The Graffiti wall is at the bottom of the page, just scroll down. I think you may need to befriend me before you can draw on my wall, so I'll try to stay on top of that. (And I think if you're signed in to Facebook, this link should take you directly to the wall.)

The contest is over this Sunday night (9/9) at 9 pm PST. I'll announce the winners Monday morning.

Good luck!

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