March 1, 2007

Extra Pickles

Thanks to you guys who sent your own versions of "PICKLES! The Movie". (Here's the original in case you missed it.)

Donal sent me this mini-masterpiece from England.

Donal is the host of a webshow I've been meaning to talk about called "This Is a Knife". You can find it on iTunes or on their official site. I guess I'd compare it to something like Rocketboom, only with better production values and funny. (And Donal is a lot more willing to take his clothes off than that Joanne Colan is.)

I particularly enjoyed the Dec. 14th episode, but there are a lot of fun ones in the archive.

But back to PICKLES! I also received these homemade Pickles from Chris & Sidda, Mitchel (who's too young to be reading this site) and this valiant attempt from Siobhan and her son. (Siobhan, next time might I recommend trying a former Head of the Class star. I found the experience to be positive.)

And last but not least, Sabrina made this sweet movie poster, complete with killer tagline: "Procreation brought them together - pants tore them apart".

(In case you were wondering, that's not really my kid, but the look of disgust is pretty accurate.)

Thanks, guys!!!

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