December 21, 2006

The Blue Track & Riding the Porcelain Sleigh

Not long ago I wrote about my little one flushing the mysterious "blue track" down the toilet.

The plumber eventually returned and this time he removed the entire toilet from the floor before he attempted to unravel the mystery for good.

I'm sad to report that he find nothing more than some cardboard and part of a flushable wipe that apparently isn't as flushable as advertised.

No blue track.

I'm glad the toilet is working again, but I'm also disappointed that we'll never know what he flushed. The Blue Track will just have to take its place among the world's great mysteries like Stonehenge, and the Bermuda Triangle and the Mystery of the Very Funny Third Thing. (The mystery there being, I'm too lazy to think of it.)

But, while we're on the topic of toilets, I received a hand-drawn Christmas card last night that reminded me of something fantastic.

My friend Tom has 2 kids - ages 12 and 14. Last year, just as a goof, his kids decided to put some cookies out for Santa, along with a note. They ended it with a little smart-assery, telling Santa that if he needed to use the bathroom, it was the first door down the hall on the left.

Tom found this letter late on Christmas eve and decided to leave his kids the greatest present of all. He found some squishy ginger bread his wife had baked earlier and lovingly left it in the toilet.

He even went to the trouble of sticking some little pieces of candy cane in it, to add to the Santa authenticity.

It's this attention to detail that makes Tom a superhero.

Thanks for the card, Tom. Christmas is saved!

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