December 14, 2006

O Holy Night of the Undead

Last week I posted the traditional horrendous O Holy Night song over here.

Eric at Zombies Comic took that and animated a zombie belting it out. Here's the email he sent me...

Hey there, Steve!

I don’t know whether to thank you or curse you. You brought back the “Holy Night” song. I had completely forgotten it. It brings tears to my eyes. Both from the pain and from joy. You know the kind… “so bad, its good…”

I’ve been planning to start working on a zombie subproject called ‘Just Add Zombies’. The basic idea is to take existing things and make them better (or worse) by adding zombies.

The audio from “Holy Night” was a good opportunity to build something quick around the idea. So if you like your auditive pain supplemented with a dose of undead, you might find the following entertaining:

You can find it here.



Thanks, Eric! Great job!

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