March 22, 2006

Join the Cult

UPDATE: I'll post the winners soon. Don't email me to win anymore. Thanks!

Those crazy kids of Cloud Cult have announced concert dates all over the place. As you might imagine, this brings me joy.

In celebration, I'd like to buy their incredibly brilliant album Advice from the Happy Hippopotamus, for two of you. For KEEPS! It's just my way of spreading a little musical love.

If you'd like to get in on this, just send me an email with CLOUD CULT in the subject line.

I'll pick one winner at random, and another winner that simply tickles my fancy.

I don't talk about it much, but I do have a fancy. And it is moderatley ticklish. How you attempt to tickle it is your call. Or don't, and just hope you get picked randomly. I really can't tell you what to do. (Or can I...?)

I'll choose the winners tomorrow night.

All the tour dates are on the band's site. See them, love them, pat them gently on the head and say things like, "You really rocked, Cloud Cult!"

Cloud Cult official website.
My original "Happy Hippo" review.

("Advice from the Happy Hippopotamus" is not available on iTunes, but it's on Amazon or you can buy it directly from the band on their site.)

Here's "Living On The Outside of Your Skin"

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