December 11, 2006

Bacon Wallet Bonanza!!!

Our pals at Archie McPhee have provided 5 kick-ass bacon wallets to be given away. Behold the porky splendor!

How many times have you ruined your clothes carrying around real raw bacon? I'll tell you how many. Too many!

Imagine how cool you'll be when you pull this out of your pants. And they're yours to win in The Sneeze Tell-A-Friend Contest.

The rules to enter are stupid easy:

Just email a friend about The Sneeze, and CC me on it at

(Remember to CC me at, or I won't know you entered.)

The deadline is this tomorrow night, Tuesday 12/12/06 at 9pm PST, when I'll pick 5 winners completely at random.

Never before has it been so easy to safeguard your cash with simulated pork. So get those emails started, yo!

If you're thinking, "Steve, I already told all my friends about The Sneeze!" That's great! Now tell your enemies and assorted nemeses!

"But Steve, I told them too!" No problem! Tell 2 strangers and Pam Dawber!

And if you're worried about spam, don't be. These emails are only being viewed and used by me to contact the winners of this contest and for no other purposes ever. I cross my heart and everything.

These Bacon Wallets have been generously donated by one of my favorite suppliers of happiness to the world: Archie McPhee. (So, please show them some clicky-love right now and check out the toys, novelties and assorted weirdness they have to offer!)

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