June 21, 2005

when good posts go bad

Sometimes I have an idea for a post that's funny in my head, then I go to actually do it and the wheels fall off.

Case in point: My son plays with this weird SpongeBob Goooze toy. It's just a blob of goo that lives inside a squishy rubber SpongeBob. You squeeze out the goo, play with it and stuff it back in when you're done.

What I was obsessed with wasn't the Goooze, but the hideous rubber growth on SpongeBob's backside through which you get the goo out.

I hadn't seen my son playing with it in awhile, but I had the whole thing pretty much written in my head. Something like...

A few months ago there was a minor uproar when some people accused SpongeBob of being gay. It's all silly. He's a quirky asexual cartoon character. And if he is gay, that's his business.

But just out of curiosity, can someone explain what happened to his colon?

And also, what's that stuff leaking out of it?

All I had to do was take the pictures. That's when I realized the growth was really coming out of his back, and not out of his spongy ass at all. Needless to say, I was bummed.

Ironically, it was SpongeBob who had F'd me in the A. Thanks, Bobby.

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