September 21, 2005

Tree Brain 2005!

Look who's back...

Back again...

Brain is back...

With a friend!

Old school readers of The Sneeze will remember the annual brain that grows on the tree in front of my house from 2003 and 2004.

This year's brain was late enough that I thought he might not show at all, but he had a surprise. Not only is he back in his old spot, but he brought a friend down by the roots.

I'm not going to update the progress day-by-day this time, but I'll take pics every day and put them all up at the end of the brain cycle. You can see a big ol' beautiful close-up right here.

(And pretty please don't email asking me to eat the brain. Despite all the requests, it's not gonna happen. But I should have a new Steve, Don't Eat It up by next week, if that's any consolation.)

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