October 10, 2005

The Steve Moves On

No reply from NBC, CBS and UPN. That's okay. There's lots of great networks out there...

Dear Oxygen, BET and Gameshow Network,

Hello, fellas. As you may recall, when it came to haircuts, NBC hit it big in the 90's with "The Rachel" and "The Clooney." No one has really stepped up to own the 2000's yet, and that's where I come in.

I'm looking for the right network to team up with to create The Steve! Do I have a TV show? Nope. Do I have a website? Yes! Is it weird that I'm writing to the three of you at once? Yes-- weirdly GENIUS! That's what I do! I think so far outside the box, I look around and I don't even see the box anymore.

So, who's it gonna be? Who's gonna get their crack team of hair people working with me on the next haircut that'll be on the lips of every man woman, tranny and child in this nutty ball we call Earth?

Will it be you, Oxygen? C'mon! That's a no-brainer. You know you chicks with the hair.

Or how about you, BET? Let's bridge the gap between the races. That would be both totally awesome AND phat!

Or maybe it'll be Game Show -- Seriously, think about it guys. Match Game rocks, but do you think I'm getting my hair cut like Brett Somers anytime soon? I'll let you fill in the blank: "N. O. SPELLS: __"

I await your reply(s)... (ies)... (replies).

Let's do this!


P.S. I'm equally comfortable with both comb and brush.

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