October 17, 2005

The Sneeze Mailbag

Halloween is coming up fast, so here are a couple of Halloweenie emails, just for you...


So I was thinking about Halloween, and then, naturally, about tree brains. And the women who steal them. To eat them.

And then I thought about how cute your little site banner got last year during Halloween, what with the punkin' and the skeleton and all. And then I thought maybe, just maybe, your banner could have a tree brain and/or a tree brain eating woman on it to usher in the season of hideousness and scary stuff.


Brilliant idea, Miss Laura! The sneezing pumpkin and skeleton have made their triumphant return, and the new sneezing tree brain is now officially part of The Sneeze masthead family.

Here it is below, in case it wasn't randomly served up for you this visit...

(In loving memory of Tree Brain 2005)



My name is Chris and I love your site! I was recently watching a lot of zombie movies with my cousin, and that led us to a question that you might have the answer to.

If you have "relations" with a zombie, does that make you a necrophiliac? Yes, they're dead, but they're also up, and moving around! Do you have any opinions?

- Chris

That's a tough question, Chris

According to Wikipedia: "Figuratively, the term "necrophilia" describes an inordinate desire to control another person, usually in the context of a romantic or interpersonal relationship; the accusation is that the person is so interpersonally controlling as to be better-suited to relationships with non-responsive people."

Considering most of the women I've had sex with were non-responsive, I don't know what to tell you.

(You can find our previous zombie discussion here.)

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