July 19, 2005

Rock On

My computer desk is currently in our bedroom. This is because our 2nd son (the lighter, more portable model), took over my office.

I was peacefully asleep this morning while my wife was working on the computer. Little man climbed up on the bed next to me and started saying, "MOMMY, I NEED THE ROCK! I NEED THE ROCK!" While he sounded like the world's cutest crackhead, he was only asking for the hefty paperweight that's on my desk.

My wife gave it to him and he sat next to me playing with it. I was still half asleep, but I could hear him saying, "WHERE IS THE ROCK? I HAVE THE ROCK! DO YOU SEE THE ROCK?!"

He was cute as usual. And then he threw it as hard as he could at my knee. Direct hit. What the hell, Dude?! I gave you my office!

Interestingly, this rock was a Father's Day gift. And I know the humor was totally wasted on him too, because he didn't even say, "I DO IRONY, DADDY!"

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