December 14, 2005

Inside The Bathroom Artist's Studio

Last week I posted this picture of just one of the trains my 5-year-old son scratched into the frosted glass door of our recently remodeled bathroom.

I decided to interview him about this new art form.

Armed with a tape recorder and an index card of questions, I returned with him to the scene of the crime.

The following is a transcript of his real, word-for-word answers...

We're gonna do an interview.

What's that?

An interview is where somebody asks somebody else a bunch of questions. And I'm going to interview you about what you did on this door. (A GUILTY SMILE CROSSES HIS FACE.) Okay, let's start.... What did you use to draw this picture?

My fingernail.


I pressed it into the glass like this.

Okay okay, stop. And what made you think you could do this?

I figured out it might be a good way to make a design.

Don't you usually draw on paper? Why would you want to do it on the door?

I don't recall.

(I START LAUGHING AT THIS ANSWER, THEN HE STARTS LAUGHING.) You didn't think Mommy and Daddy were going to get mad?


Why did you think it was okay?

I don't know. I thought it was a good idea.

Sometimes when artists make pictures they use "symbolism." Did you use any symbolism in these pictures?


What kind of symbolism did you use in these pictures?

There's numbers and tracks.

Do you know what symbolism is?

Nah. Hey, maybe it's erasable!

I don't think it is, that's the problem.

Wait. I just have to write "Daddy" on there. (HE STARTS SCRATCHING A "D" INTO THE GLASS.)

Stop! Don't do any more. (HE STOPS.) Do you have any advice for anyone out there who might want to draw on a door?

Markers. A pencil? A pen? A crayon.

Did you invent this technique of scratching pictures onto a frosted glass door?

I didn't invent it. I thinked about it. (HE PULLS THE INDEX CARD OUT OF MY HAND) Are these jokes?

No, these are my interview questions.

Did you write them?


I have a joke. "Why did the hog go into the cod?"


"To scratch the floor." Did you like that joke?

It wasn't one of your best.

Sure it was.

Alright. So, why did you draw trains?

Well... I thought they might look in old days.

What does that mean?

Old black and white. These are old day trains. They aren't in color at all.

Oh, the Olden Days?


Okay, I can see that. Are you still glad you did it?

I'm sad because I did it and we can't erase it.

I think it's there for good.

How about we vacuum the door?

I don't think so. Let's finish the interview. Have you ever seen art on a bathroom door before?

Yes, but only at my house.

Does this art you created have a name or a title?


Well, what would you name it?

(THINKS, THEN) Eric, Enemy of Trains.

What?? Who's Eric?

He's the man who illustrates trains and other transmissions.

Why is he the enemy of trains?

He's not. He just draws them.

Okay. Is there anything else you'd like to tell me?

Nah, that's all.

What did you think of your first interview?

It was great!

What was your favorite part?

I liked the joke.

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