May 2, 2005

good morning

Hi. How are you today? Did you sleep well?

My day began at 5:07 AM when my older son joined me and my wife and his little brother in our bed, quickly turning us into a writhing pile of awake.

I was desperately hoping we might all somehow fall back asleep, and then I heard his little voice in the dark: "Can I watch Zoboomafoo?"

"Zoboomafoo" is a cute show on PBS, that at 5 AM, can eat my balls.

He knows we have a few episodes of it on the Tivo in our bedroom. At least it would get me to 5:37. I started feeling around for the remote, and was quickly getting aggravated. As I was leaning out of bed to look for it on the floor, I heard the following classic quote from the boy...

"You should really try cleaning this place up.
Every time I walk in here it's a disaster."

I eventually found the remote, put on his show, and never got back to sleep. As exhausted as I am right now, I'd never actually get upset at him for this kind of thing. He's cute and it's funny.

But fuck you, Zoboomafoo.

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