June 28, 2004

Happy Birthday to The Sneeze!

happy birthday li'l guy!

My baby turns one year old today!
They grow up so fast.

If we were on TV, now is when everyone would start singing For The Sneeze Is A Jolly Good Fellow (since the real Happy Birthday song is actually held under copyright and costs money to sing.)

As far as birthday presents go, nothing beats good ol' word of mouth. So, if you have received a little enjoyment from The Sneeze over the past year, I humbly ask you to take a minute right now and please email a friend or two about the site!

I've even made it easier than ever with my patented The Sneeze Instant Word of Mouth Email Opening Link.

I'd also like to thank Rob at retroCRUSH, Rob at Cockeyed, FARK, Patrick Holland's BUZZ LIST, Eric Joyner, Exploding Cigar, LinkSwarm, JengaJam, Lisa at Hungry Girl, Jen at Very Big Blog, Joelle at Tenth Muse & BlogMoxie, Dunstan at 1976, Coolios, Kevin at Forgotten NY, Dan Schneider, Savage Steve Holland, Don Novello, Kirker, Peter Pagano, Pags, Don, Mark, Anthony, Tony, Jessica and all the other great people and sites who have helped along the way. I sincerely appreciate it! (and I apologize in advance to anyone I stupidly forgot to mention.)

Thanks again to everybody for all your kind emails and links over the last year!

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