July 16, 2004

Ask Dr. Michael - Vol. 7

Sadly, the next to last Dr. Michael in the vault...

Dear Dr. Michael,

What is the best thing to use when I'm trying to catch Speckled Trout?


Dear Fishy,

Obviously worms. You put speckles on the worms. Don't draw on them because it is not permanent and when you put them in the water it might just come off.

Sometimes I see these little sparkle things.

You can take the worm and kill him first. Then put glue on him and put the speckles on. You can get the speckles at K-Mart. Then wait for it to dry and put it in the water to get the fish. It might not be at K-Mart, but look at your local stores.

If you can't find speckles, use sparkles.

-- Dr. Michael

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