August 28, 2003

Where Are They Now: The Schoolyard

SeesawI can't say exactly why, but for the last year or so I have found myself obsessed with searching through the internet trying to find kids I knew from childhood.

My friend Jessica says it's because I'm in a new stage in life with a house and kids, so the past seems that much more alluring and safe. Sometimes she says smart things. Don't be that impressed though. The rest of the time she makes fart noises and teaches my son to say things like "doody-bomb."

A few people I have found have gone on to lead some interesting lives. So without further delay, I present to you now... Grade School Acquaintance #1: Henry Camus.

I didn't know Henry too well, we weren't good friends, but he seemed like a nice enough guy. I'm sure he doesn't remember me at all, since I distinctly remember playing at his house only one time. But I do remember this-- We were looking for something to do, and at that time there was this awesome toy out called a VertiBird. It was a little helicopter with a working propeller, that actually flew in circles and up and down. Amazingly cool, and he had one.

I clearly remember the following exchange:
Me: "What do you want to do?"
Henry: "Well, we can play Junior Scrabble, or you can watch me play with my VertiBird."

Oh... may I??? That might be a clue why I only played there once.

So, where is he now? I Googled Henry and found out he is part of a European, self-described "ACTION-COMEDY DUO." It looks like they play music, juggle, and do acrobatics. Pretty crazy.

His website says: "The unlikely mix of naughty New York glamour and Swiss country-side naivete generates a gripping performance which holds the audience spellbound." Who did they get to write that copy? Winchester from MASH?

So there you have it. Henry, if you're reading this, I'd like you to know I've made my decision... The idea of spelling for points always seemed pretty lame, so I'd imagine a Junior Scrabble version of it can only be lamer. Therefore, I guess I'll watch you play with your VertiBird. When can I come over?

(You can see Henry here. He's the dude hanging from the pole on the left.)

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