October 3, 2003

The "S.S. Daddy, Why Are They Dying?"

Awhile back I had no choice but to raise this site to a Code Orange Toy Alert when I found -- Sea Monkeys On Mars. (You can find that entry here.)

My friend Mark saw that post, and then discovered on Amazon just how the little guys got there. In the Sea Monkeys Space Shuttle!

They are enterprising little fuckers, aren't they? I didn't realize SMASA (The Sea Monkey Aeronautics and Space Adminstration) had still been getting funding.

Mark also discovered a book called "The Ultimate Guide to Sea Monkeys," and wisely pointed out, "By the time you're done reading it, they've been dead for two days."

On behalf of Mark, I'd like to take the liberty of offering that slogan to the people currently marketing that book. (No charge, as usual.)

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