November 17, 2003

Project Green Paint: Phase 3

Last week I took a bunch of digital photos of the actual Rock 'Em Sock 'Em Robots as reference for Eric, following his instructions for camera and lighting placement.

sketchAbove is a photo of Eric putting the finishing touches on the final sketch before the actual painting begins.

Click on the small black and white sketch to the right to get a better view of it. The finished painting will be approximately 32" x 26".

Note that the knocked out robot (it will be The Blue Bomber) has his head popped up now.

And while it's not there yet, my wife has requested a patented yet subtle Eric Joyner donut lurking somewhere in the final painting. If you look at his other toy robot paintings carefully, you will often detect the presence of donuts in them.

You can find all 3 phases right here.

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