September 26, 2003

For All Your Robot Art Needs

RoboKongMan, nothing gets my wife's panties wet like retro toy robots. Sadly, that's only when her panties are being worn by me. (Like now.) My wife couldn't care less about robots. My friend Eric, however, does.

Eric Joyner is an awesome artist who has painted up an amazing collection of artwork featuring tin toy robots in very interesting settings. This stuff really pushes my buttons. The one featured here is called "RoboKong." Click on it for a better view.

You can see his whole collection of tin robot art right here. And he just started selling very high quality prints of them, too. So go check them out, buy some stuff, and most importantly: can we not tell my wife about the whole panties thing? I don't think she reads the site anymore, so let's just keep that between us.

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