Raisins 2007

Last Christmas I wanted to see how excited my 3-year-old would be to receive a 14-cent box of raisins.

They did fairly well compared to his more expensive presents. Those results can be found here. For a quick refresher, here's that actual audio from Christmas 2006. I gave his reaction a 6 out of 10 (also factoring in how happy he appeared to be.)

Raisins 2006

The tradition continued this year to see how a now 4-year-old would react to receiving a 14-cent box of raisins.

Wow, what a difference a year makes.

Here is the actual audio from my video camera of him opening his fiber-filled gift.

Raisins 2007
(If it won't play, here's an mp3 File.)


What did I get?



He gave me raisins!

(Actual foot-stomps of misery.)

(Handing box to my wife.) Put this back in your food!

I could listen to his shocked response of "RAISINS?!?" all day long. It is pure unadulterated disbelief. I might have to make it my ring tone.

I don't know if you can put a price tag on happiness, but 11 dried up grapes are no longer it -- at least for him. Hearing his little brain try to process why someone would think this is a good gift fills me, however, with great joy.

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Raisins 2008

On Christmas Eve 2006, I decided to do a little test to see how excited my 3-year-old would be to receive a tiny box of raisins as compared to his other more pricey presents.

He was not pleased to see the tradition continue in 2007.

I really wasn't sure what to expect from my now 5-year-old upon receiving this year's traditional box of withered grapes.

For starters, his classic response from 2007 ("RAISINS?!! HE GAVE ME RAISINS! PUT THIS BACK IN YOUR FOOD!) had practically become a catch-phrase around the house with him. He knows the quote so well, and has jokingly repeated it so many times, I was predicting that this year he would just say it halfheartedly and move on to the next present.

Not to mention that on Christmas Eve I heard him and his older brother, (who we'll call "Lux"), actually discussing the possibilities of raisins as a gift!

Lux: "What are you going to do if Santa brings you raisins again?

Raisins: "I'll give them to you."

Lux: "Great! I love raisins!"

Given all these factors, I decided to shake things up a little and give him a big 1 1/2 pound canister of SunMaid's finest.

Here are 3 audio clips, complete with a handy transcript. (Clips 2 & 3 were a follow-up from later that morning.)

If the flash player is giving you problems,
here it is as an mp3.

--CLIP 1--

Raisins: Look at this present I got! This one's so big!

My Wife: You need some help?

Raisins: OH MY! (unwrapping) I think I'll get -- HEY! (to Lux) Look what he left me for you! He gave you--

Lux: (laughing his ass off at the big tub) A big box...

Raisins: A giant box of raisins.

Lux: Thank you, Santa!! I always wanted --

Raisins: I got a box of raisins, and I'm not saying it! (referring to the 2007 quote).

--CLIP 2--

Raisins: Only I'm not "ex-psyched" about the raisins. I'm ex-psyched about the toys I got.

--CLIP 3--

My Wife: (to me) Now you did it.

Raisins: Daddy thinks raisins are toys.

My Wife: Are they?

Raisins: NO!! THEY'RE NOT EVEN TOYS!! (taking off down the hall toward his room) RAISINS ARE A SNACK! NOT A TOY!!!!

Oh, well. I have no doubt he'll be totally ex-psyched when he's 6.

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