February 11, 2007

The Meaning Of 8 and The Age of 6

Imagine liking a record so much you're actually feeling pressure to write a review worthy of it. That's about where I'm at right now with Cloud Cult's latest album, The Meaning of 8.

Craig Minowa (the band's lead singer and songwriter) had sent me a copy a few weeks ago and I really haven't been in the mood to listen to anything else since it made the trip from Minnesota.

I had been driving around with it on, thinking about what to say here, when during a particularly funky track my kid stopped bopping along in the backseat for a moment to say, "Dad, is this Craig gettin' down in his basement?"

It was priceless. And very accurate. It was also the moment that I decided to try and interview the boy about the album for this post.

So rather than pollute the internet with one more music review full of useless, flowery descriptions -- here's the word-for-word transcript of a chat between me and my 6-year-old son discussing Cloud Cult's new album, The Meaning of 8.

What would you say to anyone who wasn't sure if they should buy the album?

You should! It's such a good album. You should hear Pretty Voice and you should hear Alien Christ. And the rest of the songs. Oh boy, they're great. I just love them.

What is the best song on the album?

I think all of them are great. Even the songs on the old albums.

Who is a better band - Cloud Cult or the Wiggles?

Cloud Cult. 'Cuz they have more rockin' songs and crazy instruments.

Who is a better songwriter -- Craig or Raffi?

Who's Raffi?

Okay, what is the meaning of 8?

The Meaning of 8 is the album.

No, I know that. I mean, what do you think the actual meaning of 8 is?

The MEETING of 8 would be people talking about the number 8.

Let's try it this way -- Does the number 8 mean anything special?

Yes -- for a Magic 8 ball. You ask it questions and it will answer them. Questions about your life. And some triangle will pop out and it has the answer. It's a ball that talks to you.

And if you asked the 8 Ball what album you should buy, what would it tell you?

Listen, that's not a question about life.

All right, give me a question about life.

Like -- Will my pen pal ever visit me? Or, let's see... Will I ever go to the beach again?

What if the question was -- Is it a good idea to buy this album?


Do you have any questions for Craig?


If you had a Magic 8 Ball, what would you ask it about your life?

Which album would people like to buy more? The new one or the old one?

Where did you get the lyrics for Alien Christ?

What is making that sound that mommy thinks is an alien guitar in the song Shape of 8?

What color is your car?

I'll put up Craig's answers to those questions in an upcoming post.

There are three songs currently streaming on Cloud Cult's website for you to check out. (Just click on the "Listen" link once you get there.) Those are going to help you to decide to take a chance on the album better than anything else I can write here.

But I will say this: if you don't want to be walking around knowing a six-year-old has cooler musical taste than you, here's your chance to catch up to him.

The Meaning of 8 is on sale now and available for immediate download at cloudcult.com.

Go treat yourself. It's good. My kid wouldn't lie.

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