May 05, 2006

For Your Viewing Pleasure

There are two somewhat legendary pilots for TV shows that never went to series living over on You Tube. They're definitely worth checking out when you have some time.

The first is "Lookwell". It was written by Conan O'Brien and Robert Smigel (best known as Triumph the Insult Comic Dog and for his fantastic SNL cartoons). The show features Adam West as a washed-up crime show star who now believes he can solve crimes in real life.

You can watch "Lookwell" right here.

The 2nd is "Heat Vision and Jack" which follows "the adventures of a super-intelligent renegade astronaut and his talking motorcycle." It stars Jack Black as the renegade astronaut and Owen Wilson as the voice of the motorcycle. You can check it out here.

If it makes you sad that shows this great never got a shot, don't despair. Just be happy that "Gimme A Break" is now finally on DVD.

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