January 26, 2006


It took me a long time to get the black iSkin eVo3 case for my new video iPod. It was sold out for weeks, and then it took forever to arrive after I was finally able to order one.

Sadness, however, arrived in zippy fashion.

While it does do a good job of protecting the iPod, I think it's overpriced, collects dust like a Swiffer and makes it nearly impossible to use the completely covered-up hold button, (let alone see what position it's in).

I don't know about the other cases iSkin makes, but if you're looking for a video iPod case, I'd suggest you look elsewhere.

If I was featured in an iPod commercial, instead of dancing with joy you'd see my sillouhuette just sort of moping around against an orange background, fiddling with the hold switch and wishing I had my forty bucks back.

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