January 09, 2006

Pop Art

There's some very cool art to be found on Tootsie Pop wrappers-- as well as a few interesting myths.

The most common belief is that if your wrapper contains the little American Indian shooting his arrow at the star, you can send it back to the company in exchange for free candy. This is not true. Apparently if you do send in your wrapper, all you'll get is a pamphlet with a fake legend about the Indian. (And an empty, hollow feeling inside.)

Although I've heard that many local candy stores did choose to honor the idea and give kids free Tootsie Pops in exchange for Indian wrappers.

My friend Lori firmly believes that if you get an Indian wrapper, you need to throw it away over your left shoulder and make a wish. As long as you do not see the wrapper ever again, your wish will come true.

I can't tell you if that one works yet, but if you see me anytime soon with a 9 foot bulge in my pants, you can thank Lori.

I got to thinking about all the other cool characters on the Tootsie wrappers and decided they, too, should have their day in the sun. So for your candy art appreciation, here is every Tootsie Pop kid -- blown up, cleaned up and pieced together into their single continuous sheet.

The world may never know how many licks it takes to get to the center of a Tootsie Pop, but I can tell you how many kids appear on the wrappers... 33.

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