September 15, 2005

The Sneeze Mailbag

I only put up those lackluster sports moment shirts a couple of days ago, and some of you lovable goofs have actually been buying them! They've also inspired some great email...

The first is from Matt of the always excellent Defective Yeti...

Lest we forget...

Thanks, Matt. That's awesome. I'll try to include it in the next batch. I'll also be adding bowling, martial arts, football and hockey soon.

The next email was sent in by KG of Des Moines, Iowa...

Ok, Steve ...

In response to your modeling request: " . . . But if you happen to have a feisty rack and full bee-stung lips, so be it."

This description ACTUALLY does describe me. I even have my camera phone here at work to prove it (see below -- please forgive the quality).

Seems to me . . . that you should send a freebie my way if you would, in fact, care for a pic of me modeling one of your super-nifty little-bittie tees. Whaddya think? I give you my most solemn oath to send a photo of me sporting my new Sneeze apparel! (If you send it, that is)

Thanks Steve !!!


First of all, thanks for cell phone cleavage. That's a fine use of technology.

But second, I've already priced these shirts at zero profit and The Sneeze costs me enough each month as it is, so I've decided to put this in the hands of the people...

If any of you would like to step up and sponsor the buying of a shirt for her to model, shoot me an email and we'll work it out. Thanks to Mike and Stefan for offering to get KG her shirt!


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