February 03, 2005

An Undramatic Poll

The Ruby Taro was clearly voted by you as the most dramatic Terra Chip, confirming the company's suspicions.

Before I contact the chip makers, I thought we could do one more quick poll to determine THE LEAST DRAMATIC Terra Chip. Maybe the Terra people will then publicly shame this chip on the back of the bag. (I'm sure they'll be changing the bag anyway after they hear our Ruby Taro results.)

There is a new poll at the bottom....

The Taro

The Batata

The Sweet Potato

The Yucca

The Parsnip

Which is the LEAST dramatic Terra Chip?
Sweet Potato
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On a ridiculous sidenote, my wife was reading The Sneeze and eating from that bag of Terra Chips I had used to take the pictures. She pulled out what she thought was the parnsip chip above and held it up to the screen. It was a perfect match, and the pic was almost exactly life size. I can't explain why, but she was actually kind of excited to find it-- as if this chip was somehow famous.

You do not see frogs inventing internets, putting pictures of chips on it and then getting excited to later find the chip in the internet picture.

It's fun to be a person!

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