January 31, 2005

The Nominees for Best Chip in a Drama

If the world of chips was "Cheers," Terra Chips would be Frasier Crane.

They are fancy, expensive, "exotic vegetable chips." According to the packaging, they "combine the beautiful colors and delicious flavors of the Earth's own vegetables into the perfect accompaniment for most cuisines." So just like Frasier, they're also a little gay.

There are 6 types of chips, and each is described on the back of the bag. The "Ruby Taro" chip is described as being "Perhaps the most dramatic Terra Chip."

"Perhaps?" What the hell is that?? What's with the hedging? At 5 bucks a bag, I don't want vagueries. Let's find out if it's the most dramatic or not. There is a poll at the bottom of this post. I promise I'll forward our decision on to the chip makers.

The Dramatic "Ruby Taro"

Here are the other chips in the bag....

The Taro

The Batata

The Sweet Potato

The Yucca

The Parsnip

Vote with your heart.
I'm not hoping for an upset.
I just want the truth.

Is the Ruby Taro the most dramatic Terra Chip?
Yes! Yes it is.
No, it is not.
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And by the way, if at some point down the line I ever decide to get a cheap sex change and become a flamboyant trans-gender whore-- I am legally changing my name to "Ruby Taro."

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