December 05, 2004

Wireless Router Essay Playoffs

Two weeks ago I decided to give away my former wireless router in an old-fashioned essay contest. I got a ton of great entries, and had a very hard time narrowing down the pile. (Thanks to everyone for sending in such great ones!) I somehow managed to get it down to 10. That brings us to the ESSAY PLAYOFFS. Each day this week 2 essays will go head to head.

The voting is over for this round and the winner was #2: DARRYL with 56% of the vote. His essay goes to the finals next week.

by: nikegod

When I was a kid, my router left home, leaving only my mother to take care of my sister and me. She did her best, but I guess the strain of bending over and changing wires got to be too much for her as she got older; so one day she decided to buy another router. She was on her way home from the store, router in hand, when part of a re-entering satellite landed on the roof of her car, killing her instantly.

I need this router because I wasn’t able to be with my mother when she died.


by: Darryl

If I win, I will promote for one week in the following ways.

1) Whenever I hear someone sneeze, I will shout, "dot com!"

2) I'll ask random people if they want to see my "Sneeze wireless router".

3) I will subliminally throw in Sneeze related words when dealing with the public. A conversation at Starbucks might go something like this:

Me: I'll take a Tall Mocha, extra hot, with half zine, half blog.
Counter person: Excuse me?
Me: sorry, I'm not good with fractions, just make it a Tall Mocha.
Counter person: Whipped cream?
Me: Ummh, yes sneeze.
Counter person: Your name?
Me: It's uhhh, Steeeeeve.

CONGRATS TO DARRYL who goes to the finals with 56% of the vote!

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