May 02, 2004

Reviews You Can Use: My Mom

momReviews You Can Use #1: MY MOM

I've known my mom my whole life. I don't remember a whole lot before age three, but considering that time includes messing around with her boobies, I'm probably better off.

She is an incredibly nice lady and has always been there for me, even during all the days when I acted like a little asshole. Lucky for me, I grew up during a time when many parenting experts came out against hitting chldren. And I'm sure she would have heeded that advice, had she not been busy beating my ass with a wooden spoon at the time. (Don't be alarmed, it was well-deserved.)

She did put up with a ton of crap from me, the least of which included begging her to sit through Bad News Bears: Breaking Training in the theater... TWO DAYS IN A ROW. My poor, poor mom.

- Very sweet
- Puts other people first
- Patient

- Gets cranky when she doesn't eat
- Too many allergies
- Not the best cook

Bottom Line: You only get one mom, and I love mine.

Final Grade: A-

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