September 28, 2009

A Trusted Source of Information in These Troubled Times

Wikipedia is amazing. A living encyclopedia maintained by the masses -- edited by anyone. Not only can you look up anything you want over there, now you can even use it to discover your sexual orientation.

I didn't know Wikipedia could do this, but a recent look at the entry on The Sneeze revealed this classic addition:


I would like to point out that I never said I was abandoning the site "in favor of Twitter." I understand why it might appear that way -- but when I don't have time for The Sneeze (which between work and my kids is fairly often these days) Twitter is at least SOMETHING quick and easy I can keep going during these breaks. I do not think Twitter is better than or an acceptable substitute for the blog.

I could go on, but I need to hit the gym and get my Miata washed. Then BRITNEY TONIGHT!!!!!!!!

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