October 13, 2009

Krab Cakes

Kelly writes:


I just finished reading "The Mystery of the Face on the Cake" which had me at the edge of my seat and also had me thankful I read it when you had all three parts finished. It would have killed me to try and see how that shape was a face all on my own!

On the one nautical themed cake; I believe that maybe your father drew the face while subconsciously drawing Mr. Krabs from Spongebob

Check out the picture i attached

The weird part is my dad has been drawing this face for 60 years and Mr. Krabs has only been around for 10. I do still think you've stumbled onto something very important here. My new lawsuit against Nickelodeon. Thanks!

P.S. I enjoyed your use of the semi-colon. You don't see that often, therefore I declare you FANCY! (I believe the usage may be incorrect, but you are, nevertheless, FANCY!)


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