March 18, 2008

Tree Brains Rock Sacramento Costco

Rob, from the always great, writes:

Hey Steve!

I totally ran into a member of the Tree Brains in Costco tonight. I think his name was Hank. He was so nice, and patiently waited while we got out the camera and snapped a photo. He was super nice and friendly. Not at all like Rhianna.

He plays the hurdy gurdy, which probably explains why I didn't recognize him from band practice. I should have taken a peek into his cart to see what he was getting.. you know, to get the celebrity scoop! I hope he got a 4-pack of jumbo mustard tubs, they were only $12!

-Rob Cockerham

Thanks, Rob! And if you've never visited Cockeyed before, it's throughly Sneeze-approved. (And by the way, The Tree Brains shirts are not currently available.)

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