February 7, 2008

Riveting Timeline of a Dot Com Startup

AUGUST 28TH, 2007

12:35 pm -- Steve, Dave and Rob walk around talking about stupid things. Rob utters the phrase "Blowjob Hobo" for no apparent reason.

12:36 pm -- Steve, Dave and Rob are a little too amused by the phrase "Blowjob Hobo."

12:38 pm -- Steve wonders out loud if Blowjobhobo.com is still available.

12:39 pm -- Steve, Dave and Rob bet on whether or not Blowjobhobo.com is available.

12:47 pm -- Steve, Dave and Rob are now the proud owners of Blowjobhobo.com

12:49 pm -- Dave has some green tea.

12:50 pm -- Rob asks annoying question: "Now that we own it, what do we do with it?"

12:51 pm -- Steve, Dave and Rob start to think of practical uses for www.blowjobhobo.com

12:52 pm -- Steve stupidly says "Whatever we do with Blowjobhobo.com, I think it's important that we keep it Family Friendly."

12:53 pm -- Steve, Dave and Rob laugh about this.

12:54 pm -- Steve answers his own family-friendly challenge by suggesting that the site be the hangout of Everyone's New Favorite Cartoon Homeless Whale: Blowjo B. Hobo.

12:55 pm -- Steve, Dave and Rob like this.

12:56 pm -- Rob draws crappy rendition of Blowjo the Whale on a whiteboard.

1:59 pm -- Dave finishes his green tea.

3:04 pm -- Steve, Dave and Rob forget about blowjobhobo.com.

* * * * * * *

FEBRUARY 6, 2008

9:04 pm -- Thinking about either blowjobs or hobos or both, Steve remembers Blowjobhobo.com.

9:06 pm -- Steve emails super-artist Gary Taxali who designed the Tree Brains logo. Steve explains whole dumb Blowjob Hobo / Blowjo B. Hobo story to Taxali (omitting most sections about Dave's green tea).

* * * * * * *

FEBRUARY 7, 2008

7:52 am -- In what can only be attributed to morning grogginess or a hangover, super-artist Gary Taxali agrees to draw Blowjo B. Hobo.

7:53 am -- Steve very much looks forward to the arrival of Blowjo B. Hobo -- Everyone's Favorite Homeless Whale.

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