September 3, 2008

Moving Forewords

Your old robot paintin' pal, Eric Joyner, just had a fantastic new book of his art published, entitled "Robots & Donuts". This book also happens to contain a fun, unorthodox foreword (actually 2 forewords) written by your old pal, me. (If you do decide to pick yourself up a copy, you have to promise to read the forewords in order.)

The book is full color and features a ton of Eric's best work. It even has a sweet centerfold just like a smut magazine, but this one has toy robots instead of yucky naked women.

Get yourself copy at Amazon right here...

And if you live near the Los Angeles area, this Saturday night Sept. 6th from 7-10 pm, Eric will be having a brand new gallery show and book release party that is open to the public. He'll be signing copies of the book (and I'll be stopping by to hang out with my wife, too -- I think we're getting there around 8 pm). For those of you who dislike Eric, art, books, robots, me or my wife -- there will be free donuts.

For details on the show go to the Corey Helford Gallery website.

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