January 17, 2008

Honey, See If The Man from Child Protective Services Would Like a Piece

I received this email in response to The Mystery of the Face on the Cake...


Every year, my husband makes the birthday cakes for our family. When my son turned 3 years old, his birthday was a basketball theme. My first instinct was to purchase a cake, but I couldn't bring myself to break tradition, so Hubby decided to make a basketball cake.

I was imagining a round cake iced like a basketball. What I got was a penis cake. It was supposed to be a basketball court. But it looked like a penis. I couldn't serve it at the party, so we purchased a big cookie cake.

But our family loved the penis cake.



It's a shame you chose to not share your husband's baking with your guests.

I think this cake shows a sense of whimsy. While the execution is a bit minimalist, he did a lovely job of capturing the intimate moment before two young men become involved with their lady friend.

I also found his use of sprinkles to be playful yet charming, and his attention to detail on her sloppy icing asshole is just exquisite.

Really nice job.


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