October 31, 2008

From the Growers of the Humpkin

Exactly one year later, Lucas writes again...

Hi, Steve,

I hope all is well at Sneeze headquarters. I'm happy to report that the old pumpkin patch has yielded a gourdly oddity for the second year in a row. Much like last year's "humpkin," this year's special fruit has lent itself to practically endless genital gaffs while earning the fitting moniker of "the pornkin."

While certain hybrids are bred with swagger-worthy stems, this big guy was found in an otherwise anatomically average corner of the patch where he no doubt spent his time making a production each time he sidled up next to a stumpier neighbor at the pumpkin urinal.

Perhaps I'll don my tree brains shirt and make a pornkin cod piece for Halloween this year. Unless, of course, you don't think the masses could handle theoretical cod piece rock.

Best Wishes,
Lucas Stock

Thanks, Lucas. And for your Halloween reading pleasure, The Great Humpkin from last year, is only one click away.

Happy Halloween, guys!

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