February 22, 2008

By Any Other Name

We've been remodeling a bathroom here at Sneeze headquarters. My favorite thing about the entire process has been reading the fantastic names companies have given their toilets.

While I dearly love that Kohler has a toilet named "Kathryn," my true favorite from them is "Memoirs."

Gently whisper it to yourself. Memoirs...

So delicate. So French. Yes, Memoirs is where I would like to unload my filth.

You shouldn't be surprised by my joy to see the lofty names also extend to their toilet seats. I give you the majestic beauty of "Autumn Tides" by Kohler.

Autumn Tides -- the leaves are turning... the waves are crashing... the poop is coming.

Autumn Tides -- a toilet seat for the discerning buttock.

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