September 10, 2007

Wallet Winners

Thanks to everyone who drew such fantastic pictures on my Facebook Graffiti Wall. This thing was impossible to judge. There were so many great ones I got a few more Bacon Wallets to give away, and even then I wish I had more. The 5 winners are all below (1 artist drew 2 of them).

Also, a huge thanks to my pals at Archie McPhee. They're always very generous with the prizes here on The Sneeze, so if you only click on one link today, PLEASE MAKE IT THIS ONE and visit right now! (Really, clicky click click.)

Not only does Archie Mcphee have the greatest bizarre stuff, but these guys are the CREATORS of it. When you see some of these items for sale in other stores, you should know that they originate at Mcphee. They are ground zero for fun weird stuff.

And now your wallet winners...

If you're not up on some of the references, the scribbly Jesus drawing was in response to this and "Dale, I'm going to jail!" is one of my son's finest Jokes from the Booster Seat. Thanks again, everybody!

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