March 20, 2007

Things For To See

Guess what I have.

No... not a "tiny set of baby teeth growing in my crack." (Listen to me. Please stop guessing that. It's NEVER going to be the answer to ANYTHING.)

What I do have is more Pickles stuff for your viewing pleasure.

First up is a Pickles video recreation from internet superheroes Natalie Dee and Drew from Toothpaste For Dinner. Thanks, guys!!

* * * * * *

Next, Tyson Smith's webcomic Pirate and Alien chimed in last week with this contribution. Here's the final panel...

You can see the entire comic here.

* * * * * *

Finally I received these two illustrated versions. First there was this one from Jennifer, lovingly recreated with birds.

And this cool (and large) comic page sent in by Mackenzie.

Thanks everyone for continuing this ridiculousness further than I ever imagined.

(Once again for the uninitiated, this all started in this post, continued here, then got extra awesome in this one.)

I have to go floss my crack.

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