July 18, 2007

The Birth of Our Band

Here's the deal: We're starting a band. Me, you -- all of us. It's a giant fake band and we're all going to be in it.

It doesn't matter if you can actually play an instrument because we're not going on tour. BUT, we will have a kick-ass name and a myspace page and cool t-shirts. And we can all tell everyone we're in the band. And those people can be in the band, too.

First things first, we're going to need a name. I have a few names I've been kicking around, but since this is OUR band -- I want to hear your suggestions.

This part's a little tricky because finding a good band name that isn't in use is like finding a URL that hasn't been bought yet. But we'll get a good one.

I thought it might be nice if the name was inspired by something from The Sneeze, like from a good quote or a phrase. But I've also been kicking around some fun names that subtly imply that our band doesn't really exist. But I'm not tied to these. I'm open to anything.

If you have any ideas, email them to me at:


Once I find a few that:
a) I like
b) Aren't already in use by someone else

I'll put them up on the site, we'll vote for one and then go from there.

I hope you're psyched about our new band, because we're gonna rock. Theoretically.

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