March 28, 2007

Public Evening of Enjoyment UPDATE

Attention people of, near or who have heard of Southern California:

Tickets for the MAY 4TH CLOUD CULT / SNEEZE LOS ANGELES PUBLIC EVENING OF ENJOYMENT can now be purchased online at the Knitting Factory's website.

I should point out that these tickets are for seeing Cloud Cult play at The Knitting Factory. The "Sneeze Public Evening of Enjoyment" part means that my wife and I will be there with all our friends hanging out with one of our favorite bands, and you're invited to join us.

Imagine the possibilities - they include but are not limited to you saying things like, "Hey, are you Steve?" and me saying, "Yeah!" or you saying "Lemme buy you a beer!" and me saying, "I'll totally drink it!" or you saying "Steve, my girlfriend thinks you're hot, and we really like your site, so I told her to go for it!" and me saying, "Wow, this is awkward. I'm married, bro. Would she want to nail my friend Anthony?"

All of this (plus a lot of additional silly crap) is covered in the LOS ANGELES PUBLIC EVENING OF ENJOYMENT FAQ.

The most important part of this message is: Cloud Cult is playing a small lounge at the Knitting Factory and the limited number of tickets for this are only $8. If you want to come and hang with us, I'd suggest you not wait too long to buy them - lest you get shut out and experience a great sadness.

Click right here to purchase tickets. If for some reason that link doesn't take you directly to the correct page, just navigate your way through the calendar to Friday, May 4th.

See ya there. (And if your girlfriend is really bummed, I guess she can try to talk to my wife about it, but tell her not to get her hopes up.)

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