February 22, 2007

PICKLES! The Movie

My three-year-old has decided that "Pickles" is a curse word. It basically means "asshole." Or possibly, "You dick."

Here is an actual exchange from the other morning:

Me: Please put your pants on.

Him: Fine, Pickles.

He says it right to my face, with complete disgust.

To better illustrate the scene for you, I've asked the guy who played Ricky in Better Off Dead to provide a re-enactment using his professional acting skills.

Please enjoy.

I know shows like SpongeBob and Higglytown Heroes use words like this in an "Aw, shucks" fashion - but that seems to have been lost on my son because I am now Pickles. He also likes to refer to his brother as a "stupid pickles poop." Which is charming.

But beyond all that, I'm opening the doors to you. If you'd like to make a video re-enactment of me getting "cursed out" by my own child, just use the dialogue from the movie as your script, send it in and I'll feature it here on the site for the world to enjoy. The production values are up to you. Go crazy and use 2 actors if you want. It's your call. (But "PICKLES! The Musical" would be pretty sweet.)

If you'd rather not go to the trouble of making a video, that's fine. I understand. Pickles.

(You can check out the Better Off Dead interviews here. Thanks again, Dan!!!)

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